Monday, February 25, 2013

Trip to a Buddhist temple

I finally got another chance to take a trip. This time instead of just walking around to see what was "around the corner" I had a mission. I could see a temple in the distance from my big window and I had to go see it up close. From the 9th story I could see where the temple was but once I got to ground level I had to let my sense of direction take over. It was a long walk but it was well worth it!
When I arrived at the temple I was met by a rooster. He greeted me with a, "Hello little one. My name is Mr. Lin. What is your name?"
I wanted to smack him for calling me "little one" but then I realized he meant "young one" so I answered, "Purrla, What do you do here kind sir?"
He told me he was the caretaker here. He explained the temple is a Buddhist Youth Mission and believer's children are sent here for religious training. I asked him what the strange silver symbol on the roof of the entrance meant. He told me, "In Buddhism, the swastika signifies auspiciousness and good fortune. The swastika is said to contain the whole mind of the Buddha and can often be found imprinted on the chest, feet or palms of Buddha images."
I looked up and saw the same symbol in red on the chest of the huge Buddha on top of the roof.
He went on to say their symbol is clockwise but some Hindu temples use the same symbol but theirs is counterclockwise.
Mr. Lin asked me if I wanted to tour the temple. I was honored to be asked so he took me inside.  What a beautiful place this was! I saw offerings of oranges (a sign of prosperity) left on tables and there was a strong scent of incense in the air.  
I thanked my gracious host for the lovely visit. As I left he said, "Peace be with you little one, come back and visit anytime you want.

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