Friday, February 8, 2013

My world started to change

My world started to change! Samantha auditioned for a role at Universal Studios in Sentosa Singapore and got it. This meant she accepted a year long contract to perform as Marilyn Monroe. A great opportunity for her but a terrible turn of events for me. Bill showed Robbie where Singapore is on a globe. It is exactly on the opposite side of the earth from Florida! Samantha would not be able to come home to visit and play with me for a very long time. What was I supposed to do? When Samantha left, Robbie showed me how to Skype on the computer. This allowed me to see and talk with Samantha but it was not the same as being petted by her. I know my friend missed me but she was very busy with her new life in a foreign country. I was worried I would never see her again. A few months passed and I settled into a new routine. Robbie and Bill worked a lot, so I spent time in our house by myself playing with milk rings, watching the squirrels tease me through the windows and taking lots of naps. Then the real changes started to happen. Construction men started to show up. They remodeled the kitchen and changed the carpet. Robbie and Bill did a lot of painting and sprucing up the house. Then some big guys came in and took out most of the furniture. What was going on? Robbie and Bill finally explained to me what was happening. They were going to sell our home. After all the work was done lots of people came in to see the house. I did my best showing them around but I didn't really want anyone to buy it. Despite my complaints, our home was sold in a very short number of weeks. The remainder of the furniture was put in storage and we moved into a furnished double wide trailer.What were Bill and Robbie thinking? They must have had a reason to sell our wonderful four bedroom, three bath, pool home to move into a much smaller mobile home. I hate to admit it but I started to really like my new home. There were lots of nooks and crannies to explore since the owner left behind lots of furniture and stuff for me to climb through. Bill set up a box covered with my favorite blanket in front of a window for me to look through. The squirrels here must have been the same ones from my old house because they continued to tease and torment me. There were also lots of birds and lizards to watch through the window. I had to figure out a way to sneak out to chase them! Every time I tried to sneak out when the door was opened, Robbie or Bill would catch me. They just didn't understand my naturally inquisitive and adventurous nature.

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