Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I went to the zoo

Bill did it again...He left the window open! After he and Robbie went to work I jumped out in search of what mischief and fun I could get into . It was a beautiful day for wandering through the neighborhood. The sun was just coming up and there was not a cloud in the sky. I sauntered down the road, and Mrs. Smith spotted me again. She is such a nice lady but I wish she would mind her own business. She told me I was an indoor kitty and should not be out. She also told me if I refused to go home I should be very careful because I might run into other animals much bigger than I am. Little did she know the adventure I was about to have.    
I scampered away toward a pretty blond haired lady in a khaki outfit getting into an old green pickup truck. The lift gate was down so I jumped in and off she drove, unaware that she had a furry passenger with her. I had no idea where she was going but I didn't care. Here I was taking a trip unrestricted by a kitty carrier.
We drove out of the trailer park and got on a main road. It was a little bouncy in the truck bed but there was some old clothes in a pile so I snuggled up for the ride. I was a little nervous when we sped up and took sharp turns. We would slow down then speed up then turn left and then turn right. This went on and on and I started to feel a little sick.
We drove into the middle of Tampa and arrived at Lowery Park Zoo. It seems my driver works at the zoo as a volunteer. She got out, walked up to the employee entrance, showed a badge and went in. She still did not know I was there and neither did the badge checker/security officer so I was able to slip in undetected. What a great day I was about to have!
I wandered around the park at my leisure. I had to hide from people but I could easily scurry around out of sight to see all the beautiful scenery and exotic animals. I was overwhelmed by all the exciting stuff to see. All the animal habitats were surrounded by gorgeous plant life, waterfalls, and realistic backgrounds depicting the different locations the animals came from.
Some of the animals I saw were; elephants, rhinoceroses, flamingos, lorikeets, alligators, turtles, river otters, manatees, and a big toucan. Some of my favorites were the tigers who were playing together, the gibbon that was showing off by flying around on his ropes, the giraffe with the purple tongue, the rays waving their fins, the goats at the petting zoo, and the majestic bald eagle.
I was starting to get tired when I spotted Lucy, the Florida panther. She is my hero! I was so excited to see her in real life. She even let me slip into her habitat. Since it was the heat of the day we took a nap together.
Suddenly I realized it was getting late and I had to figure out how to get home. I ran as fast as I could, back to the entrance and found the old green pickup. I jumped in and hid in the pile of clothes to wait for the pretty lady in khaki  to come back. She showed up a little while later and drove me back home. When we got back to her driveway I jumped out and ran home. She never knew I had gone to work with her.
I was able to leap into the open window just before Robbie got home. Robbie fed me right away as she normally does as soon as she hits the door, but she could not figure out why I woofed down all my food so fast. She had no idea what an unbelievably adventurous day I had just had.

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