Saturday, February 16, 2013

Bingo is fun

It was starting to get a little cooler so Bill did not realize the window (my escape route) was still open. After I was left at home by myself I decided it was time for another adventure.

I jumped out and ran into Mrs. Smith again. It seems she is always out whenever I am in my escape mode. This time she appeared exasperated with me but somehow accepting  of my wanderlust. She crouched down and petted me saying, "You sure don't like to stay at home do you? It looks like you are a very curious kitty and have to see what is going on in the outside world. I tell you what...I'm going to drive my golf cart to the club house to play some bingo. Would you like to go with me?"
I realized this lady was not all that bad after all! I swirled around and rubbed up all over her to let her know I was ready to go!
I followed Mrs. Smith to her carport and hopped up on the seat beside her. She turned the key, backed out the driveway and then off we went.
We passed a group of 4 ladies who were walking for exercise. One of them yelled out, "Who is that with you in your cart, Mildred?"
"The tag on her collar says Purrla." Exclaimed Mildred. "She keeps sneaking out of her trailer so I thought I would take her for a spin around the neighborhood. I'm going to show her what bingo is all about. I never win so maybe this beautiful orange cat will bring me some good luck!"
The nice ladies smiled and waved as we drove off. A few minutes later we arrived at the clubhouse.
I followed Mildred into the club that was already full of people. Mildred said hello to everyone and introduced me all around. She told everyone, "Purrla is my guest and will bring me lots of luck!"
"Lots a luck Mildred!" Fred yelled out. Fred is a big guy who is kind of loud and obnoxious.
Mildred bought 4 cards and the game began. The caller spun a cage full of balls around then stopped, opened a little trap door, pulled out a ball and with a very deep voice said, "B-3...cup of tea."
Mildred was all excited. She had B-3 on three of her four cards.
Next call, "I-23...Thee and me." Mildred only had one card with that spot.
"G-54...sweep the floor," was the next call. We had that one on the same card! This was getting exciting! Including the free space we now had 4 in a row.
The next call was, "N-33...dirty knee." We didn't have that one on any of our cards.
"O-61" was called and before the caller could say "Bakers Bun", Mildred screamed out "BINGO!"
Nasty old Fred yelled, "You jumped the gun Mildred!"
"I most certainly did not Fatty Freddy!" was Mildred's retort.
The caller told everyone to calm down. Our card was checked and sure enough, WE WON! Mildred collected the winning cash and decided we should leave on a high note.
When she dropped me off in front of my trailer she told me she would pick me up next week at the same time.
The biggest adventure of my life was about to start so unfortunately no more Bingo for me....


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