Thursday, February 7, 2013

Purrla Kitty

My name is Purrla and I am a 5 year old orange and white tabby with amber eyes. I am a feral cat, born in the Smokey Mountains in Tennessee and rescued by a beautiful girl who needed a friend. Her name is Samantha and she is an actress. We had a wonderful time playing chase in her little apartment. She had a screened in porch where I loved to get fresh air and listen to the birds sing. Samantha sang a lot too which was very soothing. My favorite song that she sang to me was, ""Valerie" by Amy Winehouse. There is a line in it that says " I miss your ginger hair" and she would sing "I miss you ginger kitty.
Samantha's entertainment career was doing very well, but it required her to travel all over the USA. Her parents, Bill and Robbie, loved me very much and wanted to take care of me until Samantha could settle down somewhere. I moved to their home in Florida and knew it would be an exciting new adventure for me.
Robbie and Bill became like parents to me. I loved it when Robbie brushed me and had lots of fun when Bill and I played fetch with plastic milk rings. (I never liked store bought kitty toys).
Life in Florida was peaceful. I had no worries in the world and my family took wonderful care of me. The four of us were inseparable. Samantha would take acting roles out of the area for short periods of time, but she always came back when the play she was in ended. However, my picture perfect life was about to undergo a major change!

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