Friday, February 22, 2013

Escape route found


I love my 9th story Singapore apartment but I have this wanderlust that pushes me to explore new places. I found out if I push the kitchen door it opens into the outdoor laundry area. From there I can jump up on the railing and bounce down between air conditioners all the way to the ground level. I sure am glad I am not afraid of heights!
When I finally got to the bottom I looked up and said, "How am I going to get back up before Mom and Dad get home?" Oh well, it was still morning and I had some time to figure that out.
I walked around building a while, avoiding people, and suddenly came upon the pool area. The pool is gigantic and placed between all the buildings in the complex. Besides the pool, there is a covered jacuzzi, a covered grill area, a wading pool, and a work out room.

 But the best part is the koi pond! It is full of huge gold fish! I jumped up on the pond wall and all the fish came right up to me. Don't they know they are supposed to be afraid of me? Maybe they thought I was a cat fish...    

I knew it was time for me to figure out how to get back home. Climbing back up was much harder than bouncing down the A/C's. Somehow I am going to have to figure out how to ride the elevator. The riding part would be easy. It is the button pushing that is going to be the trick.
This was a good first foray out of my apartment. I was exhausted when I got back in but had a long nap before my parents got home. I can't wait until my next trip out into the great unknown!


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