Thursday, February 28, 2013

Prawn Fishing


One evening Bill And Robbie were visiting friends so I sneaked out and wandered around town. It was my first trip out at night. My escape route down the A/C units was a little scarier in the dark but I managed. I kind of liked a night trip because it was easier to hide from people.
A couple of kilometers away from my home I heard a lot of people laughing and it sounded like they were having a great time. I had to find out what was going on. I slipped in behind a young couple entering this big open air area, covered by a thatched roof. The folks I followed in (who looked like they were on a date) paid an attendant who gave them a cane pole each and a small container of delicious looking chopped up chicken livers. They then found two open seats that were surrounding one of two large man-made ponds. The place was packed with families and people of all ages. After getting comfortable the kids each forced a tiny hook into a small piece of liver and tossed their lines onto the pond.
A few minutes later the girl pulled on her line and yanked up a 5 inch prawn over the pond wall. She was so excited but the boy was annoyed that she caught the first one. No worries... He caught a bigger one a minute later. I was mesmerized by all this fun. About an hour later the kids had caught about 15 prawns that were kept live in a small net that dangled in the water.

I saw quite a few people leaving with bags of the prawns they had caught  but these kids had the establishment cook their prawns for them. They looked like they probably tasted much better than the chicken livers.                                                                          
As I was leaving the scroungiest cat I have ever seen was walking around the ponds looking for scraps. He might have been orange like me but he was so dirty it was hard to tell for sure. His fur was all matted and his tail was chopped off. He was also missing one eye which caused me to feel sorry for him. The good part was that with only one eye he did not notice me so I scampered out of there as quickly as I could.
It was getting late so I ran home and got in just before my parents did.


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