Monday, February 18, 2013

I arrive in Singapore

  A few months ago my mom and dad, Robbie and Bill, decided to move me out of my very  comfortable 4 bedroom, 3 bath, pool home in Clearwater, Florida. I now know why. They had decided to move to Singapore. I am very happy they wanted me to move with them but I sure went through a lot to get here.

An animal relocation company made all the arrangements but it meant I had to have a series of shots and a microchip implanted between my shoulder blades. I was picked up in a van to be taken to Orlando. I hate being in the kitty carrier anyway but this trip was horrible. There were 2 other cats and a stinky Jack Russell called Jonathan that peed in his carrier and smelled up the whole van. To top this off, the driver played Rap music the whole way. In my mind there are only 2 types of music to listen to...Country and Western. (Did I mention I am a feral  kitty from Pigeon Forge, Tennessee?)
We got to the airport and I was jostled through a cargo area and loaded on a transporter into the belly of a huge  airplane. The compartment was temperature controlled so the flight to Frankfurt was bearable. When I landed in Frankfurt they took me into a hangar to let me stretch my legs and then I was whisked back on the plane for a very long flight to Singapore.
When I arrived, there was a long wait for people to do lots of paperwork and then I was put in a van to be taken to quarantine. The driver was a very nice guy who sang to me the whole way. He didn't sing American country music but I have a feeling it might have been Singaporean country music.                                                                                               The quarantine site was very clean and my room was about 6 ft by 9 ft with a shelf for me to perch on. However, imagine the indignity of having to prove I was healthy by making me stay in a place for 10 days!

Anyway, Mom and Dad got to visit and it was great to see them but I hated it when they had to leave.                                
On my 10th day I was sprung! The nice driver took me to my new apartment and I was so happy to be back with my family.

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