Friday, April 26, 2013

Chewing the Fat

According to the Urban Dictionary, "Chewing the Fat" means, "A verb, used in general conversation, in informal conversation. It refers to the act of talking, often rubbish, merely to pass time." This is what a gathering of my kitty friends do on a weekly basis in the vicinity of the Fullerton Hotel on Boat Quay (pronounced key...I don't know why...).
We meet near the bronze sculpture of a mama cat and her kittens called "Kucinta Cats" located on the Cavenagh Bridge. The bridge connects the Fullerton to the Asian Cultures Museum.  

The six of us meet at around noon on Tuesdays to discuss what is going on in our lives. There is a certain amount of embellishment in our stories but it is all in fun. When one of us goes overboard we all relish in making fun of them and then try to outdo them with our own stories.
Here are my kitty friends:

Sheila is rather quiet and probably the smartest of all of us. She listens intently to our stories and then calmly tells us if we get out of hand or if our yarns are completely unbelievable.

Jade is the most beautiful of all of us and she knows it. She constantly grooms herself and poses for pictures. Look at how she jumped on this green chair because it showed off her matching green eyes.

Jack is the most adventurous of the group and can't stand still. His stories are the most exciting ones and I tend to believe most of them. He has no fear and gets in lots of fights as evidenced by his broken tail.

Scoot sleeps a lot. He is an outdoor kitty but is well taken care of. His adventures always involve motor scooter rides he takes with his dad on an oversized scooter. He doesn't wear a helmet, which troubles me, but he tells us his dad is having trouble finding him the right size.

Mao Mao is the most pampered of us all. She claims she has a tiara and knowing her personality, we believe her!
She says she is an empress who loves South Korean rap videos and has a crush on G-Dragon.

This is me (Purrla) and I know, you know a lot about me. By the way...all of my stories are true although my "friends" only believe about half of them.

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