Monday, April 1, 2013

18,000 Eurasians in Singapore

I left my home on a very hot Saturday to do a little more exploring. There are really a lot of cultural things to do here in Singapore!
The Eurasian Club is a very informative place to learn about a little known but very influential Singapore ethnic group. There have been many Eurasians in such fields as sports, music, politics and the military.  However, there now remains only about 18,000 of this cultural group  in Singapore.
I slipped, undetected, into a tour group and learned a lot from Quentin Pereira, the operator of Quentin's restaurant which is in the clubs building.
Eurasians are people of mixed marriages between Asians and Europeans and most are Christians. They are also very well educated.
The building has a very interesting museum which has sections dedicated to famous Eurasians, the history of explorers who traveled to South Asia from Portugal and from China, and the difficult times experienced by Singaporeans during the Japanese occupation in WWII. There is also a beautiful tile map of Lisbon donated to the club by the ambassador of Portugal.

The tourists got a great meal in a neat partitioned off tray at the end of the tour. I sneaked into the kitchen where someone left one of the trays so I got to try everything too. There was Chicken Devil Curry, Prawn Bostador, a great mango and onion salad, and rice. Desert was Sugee Cake which has no flour but lots of crushed almonds.

After the meal a very nice girl came out to show the Jinkli Nona (Fair Maiden) dance. She needed a partner so the youngest guy in the group was pulled in to help out. He was a very good sport and caught on to the dance steps very quickly.

Speaking of quickly...I had to run out fast to catch my bus. I beat Robbie and Bill home.
I wonder where they went today?

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