Monday, April 22, 2013

2013 Singapore Transplant Games

Yesterday was another day to explore. Mom and Dad left the house early so I made my escape and jumped on a bus knowing it was going to be a great day. I had no idea where the bus was going or where I was going to jump off but I felt excited about my prospects.
I ended up at the Toa Payoh Stadium. There were a lot of people congregating around the property which consists of a huge stadium with a beautiful track as well as an  attached indoor sports arena and administration offices.
As I approached I was met by Jock, a gray cat with a stubby tail. He lives on the grounds and the administrative secretaries take care of grooming and feeding him. He told me he has a great life because he gets to watch all sorts of sporting events. He was very excited about this day because the stadium was the site of the 2013 Singapore Transplant Games!
The Transplant Games are held every 2 years as a way to celebrate the enriched lives of people who received organs from generous donors. The recipients take part in friendly competition in various activities including track and field, badminton, bowling, and table tennis.
One of the most inspiring participants I was able to watch was a gentleman who received a donated kidney in 1994 and was a fierce competitor in table tennis and badminton. He actually had taken part in the world transplant games held in Sweden in 2011!
At mid day there was a break in the activities and lunch was served to all. The organ recipients had green shirts, the transplant recipient families wore blue shirts and the volunteers were identified by their red shirts.
Jock told me to follow him if I wanted some of the food. I said, "We don't have colored shirts on. How will we get a meal?" He just responded, "Watch me and follow my cue.."
He sauntered up to one of the volunteers handing out boxed lunches, rubbed up against her and started to purr. I did the same and voila... we were both presented with opened up boxes of warm and delicious people food!
I hated to leave but it was getting late so I said my good byes to Jock and bounded back to the bus stop to head home.
A phrase I learned while at the games was, "Don't take your organs to heaven. Heaven knows we need them here." I wish I could donate my organs when I don't need them anymore but I don't think they take kitty parts.


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