Thursday, May 2, 2013

Singapore's Little India

India is far from Singapore and the local busses (my favorite form of transportation) don't go there. Imagine my surprise when the double decker bus I jumped on took me to Little India. What an interesting place!
The area was very crowded and all the shops were doing a bustling business. The sky was overcast and a dull gray but the swirl of the full palette of colors surrounding me, brightened up the day. As I walked around I didn't see any animal friends to show me around so I wandered on my own.
In my exploration I came across the Tekka Centre, a two story shopping center that had stalls selling everything from food to clothes. The second story was where most of the stores selling clothing were. There was an abundance of beautiful hand made saris and other Indian tunics and blouses as well as children's clothes, men's brightly colored shirts, and shoes.


The bottom floor was where all the meat and seafood as well as fruits and vegetables were sold. There were also a few stalls selling lovely fresh flowers .
I was getting hungry smelling all the fresh food so I rubbed up against a guy cleaning fish. I watched him closely as he had a huge machete looking knife in his hand but he laid it down and tossed me a choice filet off of a huge sea bass. It was sumptuous!

It was time for me to go home to take a long nap. Before I sneaked back on the same numbered bus I arrived on, I noticed a mounted map indicating directions to Little India historical and cultural sites. I will definitely need to come back to investigate the rest of this area. I will be sure to come hungry so I can visit my new buddy, the fish monger.


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