Wednesday, May 8, 2013

How did I end up in a foreign country?

As I have outlined in the past, I am an adventurous kitty that sneaks out of my condo and slips on to busses to take trips all around Singapore. I never know where I am going but I always end up jumping off at some new and interesting place.This time was certainly no exception.
The bus I rode off on was very crowded so I hid under one of the seats near the back of the bus. I overheard some of the passengers checking with each other to ensure they had their passports with them. I didn't worry because kitties don't have passports and I figured this was just idle chit-chat. After riding a while the bus started to cross a bridge over a body of water and suddenly came to a stop in the middle of the bridge. Everyone got off. I saw some guys in uniform (not military or police officers) milling around the bus so I was afraid to get off. All of a sudden one of the uniformed guys got on and asked the driver to see his documents. After he was satisfied the driver had all the proper documentation the inspector told the driver to drive on for a few hundred yards.
The inspector got off and another one in a slightly different looking uniform got on and checked the drivers documents again. After he was satisfied that everything was in order he got off the bus and the driver turned the vehicle around. A whole lot of passengers started to get on the bus going back the way we came from so I took the opportunity to jump off and figure out what was going on. It turns out the passengers were going through customs and immigration in Malaysia! Since I realized I was now in another country I figured I would take a stroll around and see the sights.

The Johor Strait separates Singapore from Johor Bahru, Malaysia. I am told lots of folks live in Malaysia but commute to Singapore every day to work because the cost of housing is so much cheaper in Malaysia. Johor Bahru is going through an attempt at modernizing so I saw some very old buildings intermixed with newer shopping malls.

I met a cat named Patches who is a black and white kitty but he is very lazy and did not want to show me around so I was on my own.
The view across the strait is beautiful. From the seawall you can see the immigration and customs building and the Woodlands section of Singapore. I still couldn't believe I ended up in another country! I was having fun but I was a little scared. I decided I needed to retrace my steps and get back home as quickly as possible. If my parents found out what I had been up to they would be worried to death. I was able to evade the customs and immigration officials and uneventfully made it back to my comfy condo.
This trip was exhilarating but exhausting. I think I'll stay in Singapore when I venture out on my next adventures.    


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