Monday, October 28, 2013

Speakers Corner at Hong Lim Park

Speakers Corner in the Hong Lim Park is a site where anyone can speak their mind openly in Singapore. However, there are some restrictions. I arrived at the site expecting to give a big speech but found I wasn't allowed to. I read the rules and I found there were several I could not follow.

 1. I am not a Singapore citizen. I am an American dependent cat.

 2. I don't speak any of the official languages. I understand them all but I only speak cat which is  understood by all cats, dogs, birds, monitor lizards and all the other creatures in the animal kingdom.

3. The subject I was going to speak about could definitely be construed to be violent in nature.

I was very disappointed because I had really spent countless hours researching and preparing for my speech. The topic was something I know all the population in Singapore always has on the top of their minds. I was going to talk about a major problem that no volunteer group or government agency is doing anything about. I really think there could, and should be something done about this horrible problem. Everyone in Singapore should work together to eliminate this atrocity!  The situation that is allowed to continue unabated should cause cats all over Singapore to scream out loud!

The problem of major proportions, is that someone in Singapore is breaking, and in many cases, cutting off kitty cat tails at an alarming rate!

This practice must stop! Everyone, cats and people alike, should band together, catch the offender(s) and bring them to justice. If found guilty they should be caned in public and then be required to feed homeless kitties for a year.


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