Friday, November 1, 2013

Singapore Air Force Museum

The bus driver on bus 90 did not know I was on his bus. He was surprised and upset to see me jump off. I guess he doesn't like kitties sneaking a ride on his bus.

 I ended up across the street from the Singapore Air Force Museum. I carefully crossed the road and ran into the shade provided by the open building housing the static display of beautifully maintained aircraft.

The displays range from helicopters, propeller driven fixed wing aircraft, jets, surface to air missiles and drones. In addition there are engine displays, cockpit displays and a collection of commemorative plaques.

This place was really interesting even for a kitty like me. The strange thing was that there was only one person visiting the museum. A very nice gentleman noticed me wandering around and could tell by the amount of time I was spending viewing the displays, that I had a true interest in aviation. He walked up to me and offered to show me around. It turned out he used to fly A-4 Jets for the Singapore Air Force and loved spending time at the museum.

 The elderly gentleman led me into a room devoted to explaining the overall history of aviation. He was very well versed in the subject and added his take on certain events.

On the second floor is a series of rooms devoted to the history of the Singapore Air Force including air traffic control and air defense systems. There are also displays of uniforms and flight suits. Since no one else was around, my new friend let me try on a flight helmet! What an exciting highlight for me!

Before leaving I was surprised when my escort took me to the third floor where the Officers Club is located. It is a large room with a bar, pool table, and a small stage for bands to perform on. I felt honored to be invited to such a special place restricted to the very professional officer corps.

I truly hated leaving this fascinating place and the wonderful gentleman that showed me around. I learned a lot and I think he got a lot out of reliving some of the history upon which he had made such a direct impact.

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