Thursday, October 3, 2013

Kitty Goes to a Yacht Club

Singapore's premiere sailing club is the RSYC which stands for Republic of Singapore Yacht Club. The club has a very informative web site which explains that the club was originally established in 1826 as the Singapore Yacht Club. It's name was changed to the Royal Singapore Yacht Club and then in 1967 "Royal" was changed to "Republic of."

Somehow, I ended up sauntering into this beautiful establishment, which I am sure, misguidedly, does not allow kitty cats. There were not very many people at the club when I entered so I was able to leisurely meander around undetected.

The location of the club has changed several times. It was moved to it's present site in 1999. Currently, renovations are being conducted to further beautify the well organized and architecturally pleasing establishment. There are meeting rooms, two restaurants, two bars, a small casino, a gymnasium, well furnished hotel rooms for visiting yachtsmen, and a pool. Most importantly for boaters, there are 127 wet berths and 218 dry berths at the marina for boat storage as well as on site fueling services. It even has onsite Customs, Immigration and Quarantine services.

RSYC has a very active boating as well as social agenda. Besides sailing classes for all ages, races, and cruising events, there are also children's activities, exercise classes, games and holiday events. In summary, there are numerous activities for boaters and non-boaters alike.

Although I enjoyed visiting RSYC I probably will not be returning. The club is beautiful and well appointed and there are a lot of things for people to do. However I was disappointed. Since there are no planned feline activities, I can understand why there were no cats around. Besides, I, like most cats, hate the water!

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