Monday, September 9, 2013

Labrador Park...Are Those Ghosts I Saw?

Another hot sunny day in Singapore! My bus ride dropped me within a few steps of some dense woods which provided me some much needed shade.

I found myself at the entrance of the hilly side of Labrador Park. As I walked up the first hill, I noticed many signs describing the historical events that occurred here. Since it is located at the entrance to the bay it is a strategic location and is loaded with fortifications. There are secret tunnels, gun emplacements, and bronze statues of soldiers loading a 6 inch gun.

I was very tired when I approached the big gun so I took a short nap in one of the shell storage boxes. When I awoke I started down the trail and came across the underground bunkers of an old fort called Pasir Panjang.

I had heard about ghosts that live in the park but I didn't believe the stories...but then, what was it that I saw in the distance just past the bunkers...???

At the bottom of the trail, the thick woods opened up to the lovely rocky shore. I passed a machine gun pill box and next to it is a very tall obelisk. A sign says the name of the obelisk is Batu, but no one is seems to know when or why it was built.

At the entrance of Kepple channel is a long boardwalk that led me along some fancy condos, and on to a hawker center at the base of Vivo City.

I was starving and parched. I woke up the hawker center cat called Tom and pleaded for some food and drink. He kindly led me to his friend, the owner of a prata stall, who graciously offered me a shredded up egg prata and a bowl of lime juice. The prata was delicious but the lime juice was too sweet for me.

Tom went back to sleep so I left for home. I had a great time discovering this area. However, I am still wondering if I saw ghosts or if it was just the heat playing games with my imagination...

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