Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Music to my Furry Ears

My parents have music playing in our home all the time . They mostly play country and rock, (country is my favorite) but sometimes they put on classical music. I always found classical to be intriguing but I didn't have an understanding of how symphonic music was created.

Today, the bus I sneaked on to took me to the Esplanade, popularly known as, "The Big Durian". The building looks like a huge Durian. Durian is a fruit found here that is either loved or hated but there are no "take it or leave it" feelings about it. It is spiny on the outside but when you cut it open to eat the sweet meat inside it stinks! If fact that is why there are, "No Durian" signs all over Singapore.


I wandered around the Esplanade which is on the waterfront in one of the touristy areas of Singapore. I was able to slip in an open door and was amazed at the beauty of this building. There are all kinds of shops inside selling everything from guitars, violins and ukulele's, to coffee and Peranakan food. There is even a chocolate store!

A very nice couple offered me a piece of chocolate but I had to walk away. I hope I didn't hurt their feelings. I love the smell of chocolate but I know that chocolate is very bad for kitty cats.

As I was wandering around, soaking up the sites, I noticed a line forming next to the main entrance of the concert hall. After all the patrons entered, I waited until the usher looked the other way and slipped into the hall.

Wow! This place is gorgeous! It seats 1600 people, (I wonder how many cats could fit in...?) and is very ornate.

As the lights were dimmed, the full Singapore Symphony Orchestra marched in to perform a free lunch time concert. Conductor Joshua Tan led the orchestra through selections of Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Debussy, and Stravinsky. The acoustics were amazing and the music was heavenly! I finally got to see and hear how all the musicians tenderly coax their instruments to make wonderful sounds and how the conductor ensures all those sounds blend harmoniously to create the pleasing cornucopia that the composer intended when he wrote the music.

As the concert was winding down I quickly slipped out of the Esplanade so as not to get caught by security. On my way home I had to absorb what a wonderful experience I had just encountered. I am now having to decide if country music is still my favorite or if symphonies are are becoming my listening preference.

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