Monday, January 26, 2015

Last post from Singapore

I just found out I am leaving Singapore! I am not even going "Home!"
I came here from Clearwater, Florida but I understand my mom, dad and I are going to Florida for only a few weeks and then we are off to Winston Salem, North Carolina. That will be close to my birth place, Pigeon Forge, Tennessee so I get back to a mountainous area with four seasons.

I am looking forward to a cooler climate. I hope we have porch so I can enjoy the cool breezes and can scare away the birds and squirrels.

The move will bring on a major problem though...I can't be known as "Singapore Kitty" anymore! What should my new blog be called??? I know I'll have lots of adventures in my new city.

How about "NC Kitty?" Nah, too boring...
What about "Winston Salem Feline?" Nope, too plain...
I know..."Purrla, the Mountain Cat?" ...too ferocious sounding....
I need help readers!

Anyway, I have really enjoyed giving you a little insight into life in Singapore for the past two years. Check out the blogosphere for my next adventures from my new home in North Carolina.



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