Monday, January 13, 2014

Super Trees at Night

A few months ago I visited The Gardens By The Bay in the daytime. It was wonderful! The Super Trees (an incredible engineering feat featuring man made trees covered by natural plants) is in the same area as the gardens. At that time, I had made a mental note that I needed to return at night time to see these trees illuminated. Well, I finally got my chance!

It was a beautiful evening and I overheard my parents discussing their plans to go out for a late dinner with friends. This was my opportunity to escape from our condo to see the Super Trees all lit up at night.

After they left, I scampered out and headed to the bus terminal. I remembered that bus number 106 would get me where I needed to go. I sneaked on, hid under one of the seats and in about an hour, jumped off at Marina Bay Sands. It was twilight so it was easy to follow my nose to the huge man made trees ahead.

Two of the trees are connected by a very high walkway. I just had to get up there! There were quite a few people lined up in front of one of the 2 trees. A door opened at the base and about 8 of the people entered. The door closed behind them. About a minute later I looked up and saw them  walking around the suspended walkway. So that is how they got up there...People can't climb trees very well so the only way they can get up there is to take an elevator.

Well, I knew I would get caught trying to squeeze into the elevator. That did not deter me...I am a cat after all! I am a great tree climber so up I went. It took a while but I made it just before it got dark.

As I got on the walkway all the tree lights came on and music started to play. The music was kind of symphonic (which I love) and the tree lights started to change colors. What a great show! As I looked out over the horizon I could also see the lights of the Sands Hotel, the Esplanade, and the Singapore Flyer. This was magnificent!

The musical light show was only about 20 minutes long. I hated for it to be over. As I started my climb down I noticed the largest tree had a "roof top" restaurant. I wished I had time to sneak into the kitchen to try some of the food. I could smell the aroma of Indochine cuisine but I really had to get home before my parents found out I was out.


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