Monday, December 30, 2013

Metropolis, Singapore

A very short bus ride from my condo is a beautiful business park called Metropolis. It is located across the street from the Star Vista, my favorite building in all of Singapore. (Yes, we kitties can appreciate architecture just as much as humans do!) 

This place is beautiful! I don't understand how anyone could work at this business park. If I was a human I would spend all my time sitting around the grounds enjoying the lovely fountains and gardens as well as the incredible statues created by notable international artists, Ju Ming of Taiwan, Gao Xia Wu of China, and Fernando Botero of Colombia.

The most amazing statues were angular business people going to work in the rain.

It was time for me to go back home. As I turned to leave, someone said, "Good bye pretty kitty! Please come back to see us. We enjoyed your company today." 
I snapped back around to see who was talking to me. I didn't see anyone...Is it possible the statues were alive?

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