Saturday, July 27, 2013

Junk/Antique Shop

Have you heard the phrase, "One man's junk is another man's treasure"?  Well, the owner of Tong Mern Sern Antiques, Arts, & Crafts, Ken Ah Tong has a twist to that phrase.

On a banner in front of his Craig Road store, his words of wisdom are , "We buy junk, and sell antiques. Some fools sell, some fools buy".

I was walking around the Duxton Hill area and ran across a fellow kitty named Minki.
Minki is a beautiful black cat with bright green eyes. To be honest, she is not real smart. When I approached her she was laying in a flower pot "hiding" behind a very slender stalk of a plant. However, she nicely offered to walk me through her neighborhood.

Minki told me there was a very interesting place a block away that she wanted to show me. We quietly approached an old building. When the proprietor of the antique store was not looking, we slipped into his 3 story shop. She was right! This place was fascinating! Every nook and cranny from floor to ceiling was packed with musical instruments, statues, furniture, clocks, nautical equipment, slot machines, paintings, posters, glass wear, tools and all other kinds of bric-a-brac.




Minki told me Mr. Ah Tong had been running his unique store for 40 years. Besides buying and selling, he also repairs and restores customer's treasures in his upstairs work shop.

I hated to leave but I was getting hungry. Minki knew just where to go for some roasted duck, her favorite food. She took me to a hawker in the Maxwell food center, located just a few blocks away. The kindly gentleman operating the stall placed a bowl of sumptuous, freshly cooked, duck in front of us. We gobbled up every greasy morsel.

Minki was getting tired and wanted to get back to her nap. I needed to get back on my bus to hurry home so we bid each other farewell. I had a fun day and a great meal. It doesn't get any better than

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