Thursday, June 27, 2013

St George's Church

I alighted from the bus (You don't get off a bus in Singapore. You alight...) across the street from the Botanical Gardens and walked up a very steep hill. It was very hot and I was exhausted when I finally got to the top. I spotted a unique looking, wide open, brick church and went inside to get some shade. As soon as I entered I sensed a wonderful feeling of peace.

I noticed a plaque that explained that the church was built as an Anglican troop church for the British soldiers that were stationed here in 1911. It became a civilian church in 1971 and continues to provide services.

The church has no air conditioning but air flows through openings high up in the walls and through covered alcoves on either side of the sanctuary. In addition there are numerous ceiling fans whirring above.

Another striking feature of this gorgeous place is the colorful stained glass window over the altar.
The current window was installed in 1955. The original one was removed and hidden just prior to the Japanese attack of WWII. Unfortunately it was never found again. The new window depicts Jesus holding a Bible and the badges of the eleven military units that tried to defend Singapore during the war.

After a cool and peaceful nap, it was time to go home. I am sure this church is a wonderful place to worship and have fellowship with believers in Jesus Christ.

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